1. Counseling groups - This was a failure once again. I have been thinking about this a lot )of and on) for the last several weeks. I think there is some benefit to what you’re trying to offer, but I think at the end of the day it isn’t connecting. Solution: Think about doing a subscription offer that could be taken a couple of different ways:
    1. Annual flat fee (X number of counseling sessions - 5 included, discounts on additional sessions (10% 20% whatever), access to counseling groups (maybe call it training or equipping sessions) and recordings of every group to watch at your own pace - download materials. Maybe there’s a monthly meetup for members to ask questions etc.
    2. Monthly fee (1 session per month, % off additional sessions) Then access to counseling groups and library of old sessions
  2. Instagram - We have 60 posts queued up with a combination of verses, quotes, and promo for counseling.
    1. Takeover Tuesday - Email them and setup
      1. Evan
      2. Taylor
      3. Ashley
      4. Bekah
      5. Logan?
      6. Maya
  3. Making videos (Lucy, testimonials, church promo, ABC)
    1. Make an appointment video navigating the website
    2. Lucy - Huge donor. New slides with success of last year
    3. Church Promo - talking about Anchored Hope
    4. ABC - Establishing ourselves
  4. Promos for Conferences - Make new postcard
    1. ABC conference first
  5. Media kit for church partners
    1. Cards and videos based on above
  6. Marketing strategy moving forward
    1. Who are you wanting to target
    2. Testimonies
  7. Podcast launch and ads
    1. All of the scripts?
  8. Giving page (this is a big one)
  9. Your hours and we’re were at… 1.